Posted on May 28, 2019

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When planning on moving, chances are that this is the best time to go through some of your items to decide which ones are valuable and others which should be discarded or traded off.

If you are working with a Moving and Storage Service Company, it is recommended that you have them complete the packing ahead of the move so you can create more space for the process.
While moving comes with junks, the main question is whether or not you know how to manage the junks.

Below are some of the ways to deal with your junks and clutter;

Your moving service company

Most Moving and Storage Service Company offer junk removal services which makes it easier for homeowners to deal with their junks before or after the move. However, it is recommended that you declutter before moving into the new place as this allows you better manage the space you have.

Giveaway and donation

A great way to also manage junks is to organize a giveaway or donate some of the best items to shelter homes, orphanages and more. Items stored in the attic, under the beds, in the garage and more are mostly those that qualify for giveaways as they are most likely still in great condition but have been phased out due to lack of use.

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